How much does a DJ cost in Mallorca?

Here you can find out how high the fee is for a good dis jockey in Mallorca.

You like to know how expensive a good DJ is in Mallorca? As you can imagine, there is no general answer to this question. Because the fee for a Mallorca DJ depends on various factors. Among other things, the price depends on the date, the event and the DJ playing time. It is also important whether the DJ is based in Mallorca or whether he has to be flown in from Germany or the rest of Europe. The experience of the discjockey is also a factor that determines the price.

How much does a discjockey cost on the Balearic island of Mallorca?I would like to give you a brief overview of the prices and tell you which factors influence the fee.

Prices for DJ in Mallorca

The prices for a discjockey in Mallorca are currently between €500 and around €2,000. The music- and lighting equipment is usually already included. You can book me from €595. Included is a playtime of six hours, which is usually enough for most parties. If you want a longer assignment - for example, because you want me to play background music for the reception at your wedding - my fee will increase accordingly. If you want to know an exact price, request your individual offer. In addition to my fee, there are travel costs (flight, rental car) and accommodation costs. You can also bear the costs for the overnight stay yourself.

In the last years, my fee (incl. travel and accommodation) was on average €1,000 per event. In return you get a professional and motivated DJ with almost 25 years of experience. My large music collection of more than 33,000 titles from the past decades and all genres is available to you at your event.

Please note that I cannot bring my own technology due to the journey. However, this can be rented from various providers in Mallorca. Some of the technology is also delivered, set up and dismantled so that you don't have to worry about it. Depending on the equipment and service, the costs are between €500 and €1,000. I would be happy to help you rent the technology.

Technics Recordplayer SL-1200MK2 with vinyl
DJ record player with vinyl

What factors determine the DJ fee?

I have already mentioned above a few factors that determine the discjockey's fee. Here's a little overview:

  • Date of the event
    The date of your party is often decisive for the fee. Many DJs charge significantly more in the main wedding season from May to October than in the other months.
  • Type of event (wedding, corporate event, club...)
    If your event is a wedding, many discjockeys charge slightly higher fees here than for example a birthday party.
  • Playing time
    If a DJ only plays four a few hours, this is of course cheaper than standing at the decks from the reception in the afternoon until the early hours of the day. I will always provide you with a package deal including all hours; however, I calculate at least six hours of use.
  • Event location
    Is the location around the corner of the DJ's home or does he have to travel far. For me, this plays only a subordinate role, since I usually have to travel to Mallorca.
  • Travel costs / accommodation costs
    Flight costs, rental cars and costs for hotel accommodation are also included in the fee or are listed separately.
  • Is the DJ working professionally or just as a hobby DJ?
    A hobby DJ can charge significantly lower fees; in contrast to a professional discjockey who has to make a living from his job.

In addition to these factors, other factors are also included in the fee calculation. This is the time the DJ needs to prepare the event and put the music together. In addition, a meeting and chat with the customer often takes place during the preparation, which takes time. If the discjockey has his own equipment, this must always be maintained so that failures are minimized. Loading and unloading the car or van is also part of the DJ's work and must be charged.

There are also other factors, such as experience, which cannot be measured directly. However, these factors are still responsible for the fee a DJ on Mallorca can demand:

Does the DJ play vinyl?

A discjockey who only plays vinyl records has become rather rare these days - apart from club gigs. DJs usind CDs only have also become rare. Most DJs use laptops or USB sticks on which the music is stored. This makes sense, especially for mobile discjockeys, who have to play on a wide variety of events and present many music styles. This is the only way to guarantee that you have the right music for the broad taste of the audience.

A DJ who still uses vinyl definitely knows his stuff. He can conjure up perfect transitions - without any technical aids. A vinyl DJ is technically very experienced and for this reason can also demand a higher fee than pure laptop DJs.

Can the DJ beatmatch?

Does the discjockey know how to create transitions that are precise to the beat, so that the guests who love to dance always stay in sync? Beatmatching is one of the most important points in my opinion. If the transitions aren't right, the people on the dance floor quickly get out of step and lose their desire to dance. Every DJ should be able to beatmatch - preferably by ear. Today's technology allows you to create automatic transitions. However, these are often not good and do not match the mood of the music. This is something only a good DJ can do.

I use Serato Scratch Live: A sound signal (the timecode) from a vinyl or CD is lead into a sound interface and converted in the computer. On the laptop you have two virtual decks on which you can put the songs you want. The virtual decks are controlled via real decks (CD players or turntables). So you can control the songs in the computer with the existing decks and create transitions manually.

MacBook pro with Serato DJ
MacBook pro with Serato DJ

How experienced is the DJ?

The experience of the discjockey naturally also plays a role when determining the price. A DJ who has been in the business for several decades usually knows his work very well and can demand high fees. A newcomer who is just starting out has to start with a small fee - if only for reasons of publicity. I have been DJing at a wide variety of events for almost 25 years now and can serve almost all genres of music. Thanks to this experience, I am able to charge higher fees than colleagues who have only been in business for a few years.


There are other factors that determine the price of a Mallorca DJ. But the ones mentioned are the most important. During your preliminary talk with your desired DJ, you will probably find out things that will tell you whether the required fee is justified.


One question is often being asked:

Is an expensive DJ always a good DJ?

If you look at the prices above, you're probably wondering whether an expensive DJ is also a good discjockey. I can ask a counter question: Is a cheap DJ always a bad DJ? The answer is of course: no. Because even an inexpensive DJ can be good. A discjockey who demands a high fee, on the other hand, does not always have to be good. However, the DJ fees reflect the quality to a large extent. Because a good DJ who is "too cheap" sells below value and will certainly increase his fee in the long run. An expensive DJ, on the other hand, knows that he can demand a high fee because he is one of the best.

Of course, a DJ who only does his job as a hobby can ask for a lower fee. A professional discjockey who makes a living from his work must ask for more money. Of course, a hobby DJ can be just as good as a professional provider. So take a close look at the DJ in advance and have a personal or telephone conversation with him. This is how you can find out whether he is the right person for your event and whether the required fee is justified.

Prices for DJ Steve in Mallorca in the middle

So you can see that my prices are in the middle of all providers in Mallorca. I'm not the cheapest DJ, but I'm not the most expensive either. But I guarantee professional appearance, perfect mixing and a dance floor that is filled at all time. For more information check out my website or request your non-binding DJ offer for Mallorca.


I hope I was able to give you a small overview of the prices of DJs in Mallorca and how they are calculated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.